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Tatical Automatic Watch: Taking Care of Your Traser

Taking care of your traser

Like any other high-quality product, traser watches require care and attention. Following a few basic recommendations will protect your watch over time and ensure its durability and reliability.


To prevent any infiltration of water or dust, all watches – quartz or automatic – should have their water-resistance checked regularly. If possible, avoid frequent immersion in water and daily showers. When the watch has been in saltwater, it should be carefully rinsed and dried.


To sustain its accuracy, it needs regular maintenance and checking. We recommend that customers have the movement serviced every two to four years.


A sudden change of temperature may cause condensation to appear under the crystal. This does not affect the watch’s functions and will soon disappear on its own. If the condensation persists, consult a traser service center.


Make sure that the crown is firmly screwed in, particularly before the watch is immersed
in water. Water-resistance is not guaranteed if the crown is not screwed in.


Avoid impacts, drops, and repeated friction that could abrade the metal and affect the
watch mechanism. Also avoid contact with chemical products, exposure to high
temperatures and strong magnetic fields.


Sapphire crystal is scratch-proof under normal wearing conditions.