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Frequently Asked Questions


How long is my traser watch under warranty?

Your traser watch is guaranteed by mb-microtec ag for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase.
A warranty claim can only be made on presentation of the completed warranty card or purchase receipt.

What is covered by the warranty?

You can find our international warranty conditions here.

Where can I have the battery in my traser watch changed?

In USA you are welcome to send your watch to

Saltzman Watches
customer service
1024 Reservoir Avenue
02910 Cranston Rhode Island, Rode Island
Phone: +1 888 619 2824

If you live in another country, you will find all authorised service centres worldwide in our Store Locator.

How often should my watch be serviced?

Regular maintenance is required for all precision instruments. The model, use, environment and care taken will all influence the functions of your traser watch. We therefore recommend that a comprehensive service be carried out every three to four years. 

Technical Questions

What is the difference between an automatic and a quartz movement?

A mechanical watch (automatic) is driven by a mainspring and does not require a battery. The movements of the wearer's wrist cause the rotor to rotate and wind the mainspring via gear wheels. It is also possible to wind the mainspring via the crown. 

A quartz movement needs a battery. This is the source of energy and drives the movement.

How do I change the day or date?

Some traser models are equipped with a screw-down crown. Screw-down crowns must first be "unscrewed"/released from the thread.
Important: please make sure that the crown is screwed back in after adjustments.

How long does a watch battery last?

Depending on the model of the watch, the size and weight of the hands and the energy consumption for the different functions of the watch, a standard battery can last between 2-3 years and a lithium battery between 5-8 years.

Your traser watch uses an EOL (end of life) indicator to show when the battery is almost exhausted: the second hand jumps every 4 seconds. From this point, you have 2-3 weeks to replace the battery before it stops completely. 

Does traser use scratch-resistant glass?

All traser watches in the new generations use anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire glass. 

To what depth are traser watches water resistant?

The water resistance of the current traser collection ranges from 3 to 20 atm/bar. This can be seen on the case back. Each individual traser watch is tested for its specific water resistance (air pressure, vacuum and water) at the end of assembly. 

It is important to know that the water resistance can be significantly impaired by ageing of sealing rings, vibrations, external influences such as dust, solvents and cosmetics or large temperature differences. Damage to the crown or the watch glass is not always visible to the eye, but the movement can suffer as a result and the water resistance can deteriorate. Before using the watch underwater, it is also important to ensure that all moving parts, especially a threaded crown, are fully engaged / screwed in.

All traser bracelets are manufactured to allow daily contact with water. For intensive in-water and underwater use, we only recommend our metal or rubber bracelets. After each use under water, the watch should be cleaned with clear, fresh water and dried well. The watch case should never be opened independently. We recommend having the water resistance of a traser watch checked once a year by an approved traser service centre. 

We recommend the following water resistance levels for certain activities in or near water:

Water spray: 3 atm (30 meters)
Activities on the water surface: 5 atm (50 meters)
Swimming / Snorkeling: 10 atm (100 meters)
Diving: 20 atm (200 meters), we recommend a crown with rotating thread

What makes the dial and hands of my traser watch luminous?

traser uses two different technologies - on the one hand the in-house self-luminous technology trigalight, the world's smallest tritium light sources. The trigalight glass capillaries consist of hermetically sealed elements that do not require any additional external energy sources to light up. This technology offers a 24/7 light guarantee for a minimum period of 10 years from the date of production. On the other hand, a technology called Super-LumiNova is used, which is often applied to the dial or hands. Unlike trigalight technology, Super-LumiNova must be powered by daylight or another artificial light source. In order to ensure the full luminosity of the dial and hands in the dark or at night, the watch should be exposed to bright light. The elements with Super-LumiNova technology cannot shine through all night. 

How long does an automatic movement run? (what is the power reserve)

The automatic movements used by traser have a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.

What are the functions of the chronograph pushers?

The pushers are used to start and stop the function and to reset the chronograph to zero. In most cases, the pusher starts and stops the chronograph function at 2 o'clock. The 4 o'clock push-piece is used to reset the hands and measure the split time.

Press ...
1. the 2 o'clock push button to start the stopwatch.
2. the 4 o'clock push button to read the split time.
3. the 4 o'clock button again to continue (you can repeat the last two steps to read the split time as many times as you wish while the total time continues to run).
4. the 2 o'clock push-piece to stop the end time.
5. the 4 o'clock push button to reset the hands

How do I set the "back to zero position" on a chronograph quartz movement watch?

This function varies from plant to plant. You can find more details here.

There is condensation in my watch - is this normal?

The traser watches are assembled in rain rooms (controlled temperature and humidity). 

Under certain circumstances, water may condense inside the watch due to the natural humidity. This may be caused by the watch being moved quickly between cold or heat. For example, direct sunlight followed by a shower with cold water may have an effect. Normally the condensation disappears after two to three minutes once the climate has normalised. If this doesn't happen, the watch should be examined by an authorised service centre for weak points or damage.

Where can I find the operating instructions?

Operating instructions can be found here.

Purchases/orders (online shop)

Where can I buy my desired traser watch?

You can find authorised dealers in our Store Locator.Swiss customers can also buy their traser watch from our online shop on our website.

How long will the delivery take?

Deliveries are shipped within 4-5 working days. 

I ordered the wrong item, what should I do now?

That's no problem. Send the item back and we'll cancel your order. You can simply order the correct or desired item as if it were a new order.


Do I have a right of return?

Yes, you have a right of return within 30 days after receipt of your order. This period is valid from the day your package was delivered.

How do I return an order?

The easiest way is to take the package we sent (enclose the delivery note) and write our address on it:
mb-microtec ag, traser e-shop, Freiburgstrasse 624, 3172 Niederwangen, Switzerland

Send the package back to us by registered mail, so that you can be sure that the return shipment arrives.

What do I need to consider when returning an item?

Please note that we can only return items that have only been worn for a fitting and are still as good as new. All products must be returned complete and undamaged. Labels and, if necessary, protective foils are part of the delivery and must not be removed. Please return the product in the original packaging, including any accessories supplied. Make sure that the product is properly packed for return shipment.

Return shipments are at the expense and risk of the customer. 

What happens to my payment if I return an order?

When we receive your return shipment, it will be checked and we will refund you the amount as follows

With credit card payment:
Your credit will be transferred to your credit card account. The transaction will be visible on the next credit card statement.


traser carefully checks and tests all materials used to avoid allergic reactions. If you are allergic to stainless steel, we recommend wearing a watch made of plastic or titanium.

traser carefully checks and tests all used materials to avoid allergic reactions. If you are allergic to stainless steel, we recommend wearing watches made of plastic or titanium. 

How long does a leather strap last?

The durability of a natural material like leather depends very much on use, care and handling. We recommend replacing your leather watch strap every 12-18 months.