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We are CENTRE TERRE an association, which organises a new geographical and speleological expedition in Chilean Patagonia starting in January up to March 2019.

Over these two months, we plan to explore the limestone caves of the island of Madre de Dios and the frozen caverns of the Tempano maritime glacier. It has a distance of around 15-20 hours from Madre de Dios. Our team consists of approximately 35 specialists.

Our project has the full support of the Chilean government, as well as the Chilean Navy. We are happy to have traser swiss H3 watches supporting this project.


8th of January 2019
We are living today for Patagonia. We take the flight in the evening for Santiago and then to Punta Arenas. From Punta Arenas we will take a bus to Puerto Natales (the harbour), where we will join the first team who was in charge of buying food, fuel, gas as well as formalities. On Thursday we will load all our materials into the boats and will leave as soon as the tide allows us. For three days we will not have any communication.

11th of January 2019
A few news about the expedition: we got three boats from Puerto Natales, and we loaded all the material. One ship left directly for Madre de Dios. The other failed after passing the pass of the Kirk. They are waiting in the middle of the canal to change the speed bracket. The last boat is stuck in the harbour because we got some issues with the cooling system two hours after we left Puerto Natales. Now we are waiting for new pieces to come from Santiago. We expect to get the pieces this evening and to fix the cooling system tonight to be able to leave tomorrow morning. Then we will have to reach the second boat to give them a new speed bracket system. The situation is okay, but the harbour is closed due to strong wind. If we cannot leave soon - we are not sure we will still have the permissions to leave again. I hope everything will go well and we can move tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for more news to come.