Renni Jaque

Renni Jaque


Time is the number I read on my watch. It tells me if I am slow, quick if I’m late or in time. Before a race time feels ever so long but during the race time flies.

September 8th 2017 I ran 8 times up and 8 times down the Alpe d'Huez, 17,920 altitude meters equally divided between positive and negative altitude meters, a total of 224 km, a nonstop race to be completed within 48 hours. So I should run what corresponds to the top and bottom of Mount Everest in altitude meters. It was the hardest and most difficult race I have ever participated in. The weather was very untidy and the temperature fluctuated. At one time it was 35 degrees sunshine and the next day it was silence rain and zero temperature. During the race, I lost the belief that I would finish but I fought my way back and when I got to the finishing line. I looked down on my traser watch, the time was 43 hours and 23 minutes. I did it…

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