Pierre Jourdan

Pierre Jourdan

Being @steven_cigale on instagram
a cigar geek from south of France, founder of Les Fines Lames

Time can be so many things. Great time, bad time, but my favorite is surely leisure time...Sometimes it flies and if you don't take your time you'll run out of it. It grants you power, the power to achieve things. Remember to take your time because all in all, time is life.

Among all of the traser watches I own, my P6507 Commander 100 Pro titanium might be the one I love and wear the most. It's been my daily companion for almost eight years now. With it I went diving, skiing, hiking, sword fighting, ... and of course it has seen me enjoying more cigars than anyone could tell ;-)
I truly love this watch, it has followed me in all sort of daily activities and it's so rugged that it still looks like new.

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