Marit Nore

Marit Nore

Kiteboarding and snowkiting

I find time valuable and I am choosy about what I do with my time. I rarely sit still and I fill my time with all sorts of things: Activities such as kiting, surfing, snowboarding and hiking, spending time with friends and family, work, exercise, photography, writing, reading, learning new things, making good food and much more. I hate waiting, and I consider this as “empty time”, time that I could have filled with other things if I was not waiting.

My traser watch is always on, whether I am out surfing or kiting, running, camping or hiking. I love that I can have it in the water and know when it´s time to head back if I have an appointment. It is also great that I can see what time it is in the dark. I am living in the north of Norway and we have just had one month without sun. Wearing a luminous watch has been a must to be able to see the time.

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