Watch Case

Simon Gfeller

Simon Gfeller

Workoutnomad, Movement Specialist, Trainer and Coach, Traveler and Surfer

SECONDS: My main goal is actually not to think about time too much. I prefer to live the moment. To not let the present slip away or let time rush past. Life unfolds in the present. Every SECOND we breathe in and out, the moments we spend in awareness is precious.

MINUTES: Punctuality and reliability are important values for me. As a trainer and coach, I often use time as a challenge factor. In this case, every MINUTE counts. Time gives me the necessary structure and serves as a direct feedback tool.

HOURS: Of the units SECOND, MINUTE and HOUR, the latter is my favorite. The HOUR gives me enough leeway to be stress-free. I measure my day in hours. 24h and a day has past. It is something magical. The moment when all the digits reset or all the watch hands have made a full turn.

My first watch was a FLIK FLAK. I took the hammer and since then I never had a watch again on my wrist. traser's new model P67 Officer Pro Bronze Brown achieved to convince me to wear a watch once again. simple, urban, elegant and robust.

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