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A New Impetus for Boundless Adventurers

A New Impetus for Boundless Adventurers

7th February 2022

A new year means new goals. True outdoor enthusiasts want to scale the heights even when faced with icy cold weather, biting winds and snow-capped summits. And anyone who pits themselves against the world’s toughest challenges needs a reliable partner at their side. With the latest additions to its P68 Pathfinder product line, the Bern-based watch pioneer traser is offering a new impetus for all adventure-lovers.

Icy mountain landscapes, sheer cliffs and cold temperatures: at this time of year, adventure can be found at every turn and is tempting outdoor sports enthusiasts back to nature. For all those seeking extraordinary adventures, Bern-based watchmaker traser presents the P68 Pathfinder Automatic, a timepiece characterized by uncompromising functionality and extreme ruggedness.

Thanks to the company’s proprietary trigalight self-powered illumination technology, the hands and indices of all traser watches light up even in complete darkness, guaranteeing constant, effortless timekeeping even in poor visibility – all without an external power source. And this year, the watch is available with new dials and in new colorways.